Great Streets Gravois


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Great Streets Gravois

(Project Limits from MacKenzie Rd to River Des Peres Blvd)



Intersection Improvement

(Are there intersections where you have trouble driving, walking, or biking?  Are there intersections that should be gateways for Gravois Road?)

Development Priority Site

(Are there sites or areas of Gravois Road that should be a priority for development?  What type of development?)

Bicycle  Improvement

(Where should there be improved bicycle facilities?)

Pedestrian  Improvement

(Where should there be improved pedestrian facilities?)


(Where are there parking problems?  More parking?

Less parking?)



(Are there areas where it floods when it rains?

Drainage problems?)




Open Space / Gathering Areas

(Where should there be open space or gathering areas?

Pocket parks?)

Existing Community Asset

(What are the existing community assets?  What makes Gravois Road a great place to live and work?)

Undesirable Use or Problem Area

(Is there a part of Gravois Road that is undesirable?

A concern?)

Other Comments

(Are there other comments about Gravois Road you would like to share?)

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