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Share your Comments about Gravois Road via our Online Mapping Tool


We want your input!  Do you have suggestions about how to make Gravois Road a Great Street?  Do you have ideas for new development, pedestrian improvements, parking, or other ideas on how to improve Gravois Road?  Share your thoughts, comments, and ideas via the online mapping tool.


Click below to access the mapping tool.  You will have the opportunity to share comments about specific locations along Gravois Road.


Thank you for your comments!

What are Great Streets?


Great Streets are streets that are more than just spaces for automotive travel.  Instead, Great Streets are integrated corridors for moving people, improving connectivity, enhancing local economies, and creating attractive, interesting places – in brief, building stronger communities.


Since 2006, the East-West Gateway Council of Governments has partnered with communities to provide tools and resources to assist in rethinking the relationships between streets and the social and economic objectives of the community.


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Great Streets Gravois initiative, please visit:


Great Streets Initiative Website

St. Louis County Department of Planning


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Community Meeting Presentations and Schedule



Community Meetings May 2 - 5th

Thank you to everyone who attended the community meetings May 2 - 5.  Click below to download PDFs of the presentations and the results of the key pad polling.


May 2 - Community Meeting Presentation

May 2 - Community Meeting Key Pad Polling


May 5 - Community Meeting Presentation

May 5 - Community Meeting Key Pad Polling


Summer 2016

The Great Streets Gravois report is now available!

Click here to download the August 2016 report.


For future updates visit:

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